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The Canadian Amateur Radio Aurora Nets

These nets are a meeting places for Amateur Radio Stations
giving operators the opportunity to make contacts, pass traffic
and encourage use of the 40 meter Amateur Radio band..

These are *SSB nets - CW stations are welcome to check into the nets.
*Canadian Stations are allowed to operate SSB in this portion of the band.*

There are two sessions of the Aurora Net

Afternoon Aurora Net - daily on 40 meters - 7.055 MHz. - 23:30 UTC
* Net Manager Tom, VE6TRM *

Evening Aurora Net - Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday - 7.055 MHz. - 02.30 UTC
* Net Manager Wayne, VE4WR *

If the regular 7.055 MHz. frequency is not usable try the alternate frequency 7.100 MHz.

Net operation is dependant on band conditions & availability of Net Control Stations.

All Amateur Radio Operators are welcome of check into the net!

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This site is under construction

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